You Don't Have To Choose

Between professional success and personal fulfillment

Eliminate burnout and overwhelm.

Achieve work-life balance, fulfillment and success with ease, flow and clarity NOW... without having to quit your job, abandon your family, join a monastery or lose your sanity!

Let me guess...

I've been where you are.

I know what it’s like.

I know the pressure to deliver exceptional results in the office can break you down mentally, emotionally and physically! I know as an entrepreneur the fear of failure can stand in your way of prosperity. I know you can get caught up in the thoughts and emotions in either capacity and, disconnect from your inner compass.

My message to you today is that office overwhelm, stress and entrepreneurial fear do not need to nest in your home. They do not need to affect your personal relationships and, general interest in life. 

There is a choice and you have the power to choose it!

This training will empower you with a strategy to master your life’s balance and eliminate burnout. It’s no hocus-pocus. It’s nothing elaborate and tedious. It’s a personal development strategy and mindset training consisting of easy to implement tools and techniques that seamlessly integrates in your day-to-day schedule for your already hectic leadership and entrepreneurial life.

If you're a leader or entrepreneur and
you're ready to balance your
personal and work lives to
bring your dreams to this physical reality

Momentum Training

is for you!

In these 6 months, you can:

Most importantly, you'll bring balance to your personal and work lives, without any major life or career changes!
You will thrive!

Meet Your Coach


You know the story.  “Work hard, get qualified, get a good job, make lots of money. “ 

I followed that path for 11 years.  I was super successful in my career, launching life-changing programs, improving people’s employability, scaling businesses to 10x profits and, creating social responsibility avenues.  You name it, I did it.

I loved my role in management, but my career success came at the cost of my personal fulfillment. 

I didn’t know how to disconnect when I needed to. I didn’t know how to rest and say ‘no’ politely. I didn’t know what I loved doing anymore and, I always kept people-pleasing. I even felt guilty accepting compliments for my work. 

I had no balance and, I didn’t have the voice and courage to claim the time to rebalance. 

Is any of this sounding familiar?

I realised that I attracted what I did because of the mindset I nurtured and the lack of a personal development strategy. Now as an entrepreneur, my challenges have shifted but now, it is important more than ever to balance my mojo and apply my mindset to thrive using an appropriate personal development strategy. Being able to master this in my life every day, I can train you to do the same! I believe I am worthy of personal fulfillment as I thrive with ease professionally and, I believe that you are worthy of this too! 

So let’s get it right without the painstaking experiences I endured for both of us in the office and as an entrepreneur.

I invite you to join me in this training, and I know you’ll be relieved, revived and rewarded beyond your expectations that you did!

Inside Momentum Training

In these 6 months of personal coaching and mindset training, you will lead with more purpose and fulfillment; connect with your inner coach to navigate your life with ease and, make decisions that are for your highest good and, in alignment with your personal and work goals. You will have more balance, fulfillment and success in your personal and work lives.

What you'll get


Your Pocket Mentor
for Clarity & Goal Alignment
Value:  USD $197

Healing Work-Life Trauma from the Past 
Value: USD $150

Preparing Your Space for Goal Alignment 
Value: USD $250

Your Personal Guide to Work-Life Success
Value: USD $145

Attracting What You Need In Your Work-Life Immediately  
Value:  USD $199

Strategic Planning For Success
Value:  USD $1997


Bonus Training
Aligning with Financial Abundance in this Physical Reality
Value:  USD $2499

Bonuses add up to $5,437 in value!

Join the Waitlist for Momentum Training Now

for a one-time, value-packed, life-changing investment of only

$5,000 USD

What Others Say

“I did the Momentum training on balancing your personal and professional lives with Kamla in 2018. This really helped me to become a better mom and manage my business successfully. My communication and relationship with my kids improved dramatically, and my point of attraction works in my favour 99.9% of the times.”


“It definitely delivers on its promise for clarity, alignment and results. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to be selected to work with Kamladevi in the Momentum training as it established a unique strategy for personal development, which also helped me to get unstuck from mental obstacles and thrive.”


“The training helped me to both ask and answer some serious questions when I felt stuck. After answering those questions, there was a lot of work to be done and with the momentum training, I was able to do that work. The strategies recommended were unique to my needs and helped me to move past the obstacles I was facing. I highly recommend it to entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to move forward with ease and flow in their life.”


“I’m very lucky to have met Kamla. She gives me amazing insights in her tarot readings, and now we’re working together in her Momentum training.  It’s been exceptional support and knowledge to keep me on track with my goals. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Meet Kamladevi In

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you have been working tirelessly to achieve all along in your life!

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