Replay- Money Mastery


As a young, financially independent professional, money can be a major constraint in the ease and pace at which you grow.

It can be a huge stressor and it affects various areas of our lives- including our romantic relationship!

But the things is, no one teaches money mastery to teens and young professionals because they want you to “work hard” to earn your keep.

They believe that it’s the only route you can take for you to “value” who you are.

I’ve been there, experienced it all and believe differently today!

After years of struggling with money, doing the inner work and teaching my career mentees how to work with the MESS of money, I’m going to show you in 90 minutes how you can shift your money story and become a thriving young professional!



As a young, financially independent professional, money can be a major constraint in the ease and pace at which you grow.

The overwhelm and stress that comes with growing a family, building a home, taking a vacation, paying your bills on time and saving money for emergencies can be life-draining.

Trust me, I know!

Building a home on a loan, without a full-time job, while managing three pregnancies and surgeries within four years at a private hospital, chasing the lottery and even not having enough money to pay for baby’s milk one time, make up my story!

So I’ve learned quite a bit in rewriting my money story for more abundance, ease and continuous flow and I deliberately chose not to get stuck in the doom and gloom while riding the rollercoaster!

Now, I am giving you access into the MESS (mindset, energy, strategy, soulful outcomes) that worked for me in shifting my money story for better outcomes in a Masterclass on July 21, 2022 at 8.00 PM Eastern.

By applying this MESS,

? I’ve moved from a tiny old apartment to my dream home within 3 months

? I’ve collapsed 300 days of income into 1 day in my corporate trainings!

? I’ve consistently landed high-ticket clients for my signature career fulfillment program, Momentum Training.

? I’ve gone on vacation amidst rising economic costs- leaving with 1 suitcase and returning with 2 at the same time!

? I’ve spent over $9000 in my personal growth!


My needs are taken care of, my family’s needs are taken care of, my income is increasing every day, I make money in my sleep and wake up to new order notifications! If you know, you know that’s a big big deal!

It gets to be EASY.

And I’m going to show you how you can apply simple, effective MESS alignment techniques to shift your story as well!


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