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Assessing A Candidate’s Mindset From Basic Interview Questions

Numerous studies have shown that rapid employee turnover is detrimental to a company’s success. The time, energy and financial resources needed to allocate to the advertising, recruiting, selection and training processes can be underestimated and over budgeted, if employees leave a company frequently. Moreover, the corporate image and culture of the company becomes questionable in …

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Deriving Satisfaction In A Red-Tape Environment

Red-tape environments or bureaucratic environments, are still prominent in many businesses and governments all over the world today. Coined since 1864 by Max Weber, the model can be undoubtedly relied upon for its administrative benefits of: -structured duties and responsibilities that prevent overlap,-standard rules and procedures for consistent employee behaviours,-systems and processes for transparency and accountability and,-improved performance for employees who specialise in their jobs. This model of a clear hierarchy is ideal if you want to ensure the ease and flow of …

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Parenting In 2020

“I love my kids but parenting is such a drag at times that I can’t enjoy a stay-in-bed flu for half of a day.” I felt this one deeply when a mama of 4 spoke to me lastnight. Indeed parenting is a challenge and it’s a bigger challenge now with all that is taking place …

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