Live a life aligned with clarity, balance, fulfillment, abundance & success.

We foster your personal and professional growth through effective and empowering techniques for you to reach your full potential and thrive!

Our Vision

To provide professional coaching services for leaders, youths, professionals and entrepreneurs that empower and inspire them to trust their inner guidance for more clarity, balance, fulfillment, abundance and success in the ‘now’, whilst ensuring a growth mindset for sustainable development.

Our Mission

To meet you where you are right now in your life, heal your past, transform your present and co-create the future you dream of. We help you get clarity, alignment and results for the life you truly desire to live personally and professionally - feeling more empowered, purposeful and abundant to live in full enjoyment always.

Core Values

Free Will

We will not tell you what you want to hear nor impose our guidance upon you.  We will suggest to you practical and effective tools and techniques that can be used to better your life.  If some of our guidance does not resonate with you, you have free will at all times to take what does and disregard the rest.

Love & Respect

We believe that love is respect, and it is the basis of all relations. We do not judge, discriminate or bias our perceptions.  For us, this is a vibrational universe. We are all connected to one energy, but we are vibrating at our own frequency based on our upbringing, knowledge, skills, experiences, and connection with our higher beings.  We respect you and the path you are on. 


We trust our intuitive guidance and we encourage you to develop your intuition to trust your Guides as well. This is not a process that takes place overnight, and so we encourage you to be patient and trust us as we guide you in this journey of transformation to be the best that you can be. 


We provide a safe and comfortable environment for each of our clients.  The information you share with us is strictly confidential.

Our Coaches

Certified Professional Life Coach
USUI RYOHO REIKI Master & Teacher
Tarot Reader
MBA Business

Kamladevi is an award-winning certified professional life coach, qualified business consultant and mindset genius.  Her own life’s experiences and plot twists are now the basis for her coaching.  Being thrown off balance a few times in both her personal and professional pursuits, she has mastered the mindset and skills to keep on thriving.  Challenges such as dealing with thoughts and feelings of failure, managing back-to-back pregnancies in growing a business, superseding cultural barriers and communication blocks at work, thriving in economic uncertainty, dealing with toxic relationships at work, overcoming workplace stress, and choosing self-care by saying ‘no’ politely without feeling guilty, are just a few.

Now, Kamladevi empowers her clients with the mindset and personal development strategy that uses their own challenges and inner compass to navigate life with more confidence and resilience, tap into their true potential and, become limitless.

She guides her clients to use the same practical tools that she has utilized on herself to make deliberate choices, live abundantly in all areas of her life and experience more ease and flow.

Through her signature 1:1 Momentum trainings, over 4000 leaders have achieved mental, emotional, spiritual and financial balance in their lives and, they are now thriving despite life’s challenges. Kamladevi has helped over 250 businesses and projects kick start a momentum for success in Guyana and around the world.

Prior to co-founding Revive, she was in upper management for almost three years in Guyana, and she served as a teacher and lecturer in the tertiary sector for five years.  She is a mother of three boys and lives with her husband and sons in Guyana.

Soshinie is an author and poet with a contagious energy and enthusiasm.  She aims to spread unconditional love and empowering messages to the young, as well as to the old.  She believes that no matter what stage of life someone is in, it is never too late to gain clarity about recent or past problems.  This is what she provides through her gentle nature, as well as upliftment to people’s everyday lives.  

Her words come from a sacred place and from her experiences, which she uses to touch the lives of others, as well as to motivate them.  Soshinie is often described as an old soul, and she is wise beyond her years.  She is also on the path of awakening her gifts so she can share it with the rest of the world and live abundantly.

Author of The Phoenix Letters and The Phoenix Letters Return
Bsc Information Systems and Operations Management
Tarot Reader
Reiki 1 and 2 Certified
Law of Attraction Coach