Live a life of vacation and still make incredible money, even if you're not on vacation.

We foster your personal and professional growth through effective and empowering techniques for you to align your mindset, energy, strategies and soulful outcomes (MESS) to thrive with ease!

Our Vision

To support action-taking thriving leaders, youths and entrepreneurs globally to live a life of vacation and still make incredible money, even if they're not on vacation and without the hustle and stress of working long understaffed hours, using an aligned MESS for sustainable development.

Our Mission

To provide corporate training and professional coaching services for action-taking thriving leaders, youths and entrepreneurs that empower and equip them with the self and relationship management skills and techniques needed to improve their impact and effectiveness personally and professionally, whilst ensuring a growth mindset for sustainable development.

Core Values


Be mentally and emotionally present in the moment, as much as you are physically.

Recognise the MESS in the moment, embrace the MESS in the moment, allow yourself to get clear and aligned with the MESS you want to have and, love forward your MESS to get fulfilled and thrive with ease.

Transparency. Integrity. Authenticity. Responsibility. Accountability.

Our Coaches

Corporate Trainer
Career & Leadership Coach & Mentor
Professional Life Coach
MBA Business

Kamladevi is an award-winning Career and Leadership Coach and Corporate Trainer. Her life’s experiences, plot twists and MESS alignment guide her wisdom and techniques to coach effectively.  Being thrown off balance a few times in both her personal and professional pursuits, she has mastered the mindset and skills to keep on thriving with ease today.  Challenges such as dealing with thoughts and feelings of failure, managing back-to-back pregnancies in growing a business, superseding cultural barriers and communication blocks at work, thriving in economic uncertainty, dealing with toxic relationships at work, overcoming workplace stress, and choosing self-care by saying ‘no’ politely without feeling guilty, are just a few.

Through her signature 1:1 Momentum Training, Thriving Leaders Nest program and Corporate Trainings, over 4000 action-taking thriving leaders have achieved clarity, alignment and soulful outcomes in their work-lives. 

Prior to co-founding Revive.Coach, she was in upper management for almost three years in Guyana, and she served as a lecturer in the tertiary sector for five years.  She is a mother of three boys and lives with her husband and sons in Guyana.


Author of The Phoenix Letters and The Phoenix Letters Return
Bsc Information Systems and Operations Management
Reiki 1 and 2 Certified
Law of Attraction Coach

Soshinie is an author and poet with a contagious energy and enthusiasm.  She aims to spread unconditional love and empowering messages to the young, as well as to the old.  She believes that no matter what stage of life someone is in, it is never too late to gain clarity about recent or past problems.  This is what she provides through her gentle nature, as well as upliftment to people’s everyday lives.  

Her words come from a sacred place and from her experiences, which she uses to touch the lives of others, as well as to motivate them.  Soshinie is often described as an old soul, and she is wise beyond her years.  She is also on the path of awakening her gifts so she can share it with the rest of the world and live abundantly.