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Hey! I’m Kamladevi Sharma, creator of the Money Overflows program.
As a Forbes featured Corporate Trainer and Coach, I understand that no amount of reading the wisest books, winning the lottery, pursuing the highest qualifications or inheriting massive amounts of wealth, can guarantee that you have money in your wallet at the ending of the month. 
Heck, money overflows was inspired by my personal story, and after training thousands of highly-qualified leaders and entrepreneurs, I’ve concluded that I was not the only one struggling to break free from limiting beliefs in the paycheck to paycheck money cycle, and live in full enjoyment.
Now, after intentionally mastering the MESS of money and investing in my growth, I’m on a mission to empower leaders and entrepreneurs with the energetically aligned mindset strategies that have consistently helped me and my clients to experience money overflows in their life and business.

No more living paycheck after paycheck, winging a client here and there or dealing with the hustle and stress of the daily grind.


Money overflows and Forbes New York found this program to be a worthy feature!






You’re ready to transform your relationship with money & be magnetic for money to overflow consistently!


If you’re a money magnet looking to multiply your income, without the burnout and stress of being in survival mode, then money overflows is for you.


This is not your typical abundance mindset program.


You want money to flow to you easily, effortlessly, in increasing quantities, from multiple sources continuously.

✅ You want the freedom to spend money as you desire without fear, anxiety and scarcity.

✅ You want to receive money faster than you need to spend, allowing the easy and consistent accumulation of wealth.

✅ You want to get better value for your money when investing.

✅ You want your capital investments to prosper and money to accumulate quickly and easily. 

✅ You want faster returns on your investment to be in a positive cash flow rather than increasing investment debt. 

✅ You want to time bend and turn 5-figure months into 5-figure days.

✅ You want to be free from the daily grind and live in full enjoyment, even if you choose to stay in Corporate.


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So what do you get?

🔥 Aligned Money Growth Strategies

🔥 Interactive Sessions & Exercises

🔥 Income Planning Support 

🔥 12 Months Holding The Frequency For Money Overflows

🔥 Monthly Q&A

🔥 Customised Strategies For Your Financial Goals

🔥 Strengthened Prosperity Vows

🔥 Strategies For Wealth Creation

🔥 Manifesting With The Moon’s Phases

🔥 Ongoing Live Transformational Support

🔥 A Stronger Relationship With Money & Those Who Affect Your Money MESS

🔥 Strategic Planning For Corporate/ Business Success 

Program Features

Mindset Mastery



Discover how to break free from scarcity thinking and adopt a mindset of abundance that attracts wealth and opportunities.

Wealth Strategies



Learn proven strategies for managing and growing your money, including investment insights.

Financial Independence Roadmap


Craft a personalized roadmap to financial independence, setting clear goals and actionable steps to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Community Support


Connect with like-minded individuals from Corporate & Entrepreneurship who are on the same path to financial abundance, fostering a network of support and inspiration.

Expert Guidance


Benefit from live coaching sessions and mentorship that will guide you through every aspect of your wealth-building journey.


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🔥 Lifetime Access To The Money Overflows Support Community

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    Money overflows is for any aspiring entrepreneur, career professional or anyone seeking financial abundance and
    desires to get expert guidance, practical tools, and proven strategies to revitalize their job, life and business for success.


     Money overflows is an income growth program which helps you to break free from limiting beliefs and get money
     working in your favour. Even if you have been working on your money mindset with other coaches, the layers are many and this
     program has been designed to help you hold the frequency of consistent money inflow, using energetically aligned growth
     strategies that have been tested and proven to work for those from all walks of life. 

    For example:

    i. You know when you lie in bed at night, exhausted from a hard day’s work and still wonder, “where will you get the money to
       pay that unexpected expense that popped up today?”

        Money overflows helps you to tame your mindset and energy to avoid unexpected expenses from arising- allowing your
        money to multiply, have more productive and meaningful use of it and, allowing it to deliver better value to you. 

    ii. You know when you go to the grocery store and you’re feeling insecure that you may not have enough money to buy
        everything in your cart?

        Money overflows helps you to energetically expand to allow all that you desire to show up in your physical reality.

    iii. You know when receiving funds are delayed and you’re running out of time to pay your bills?

        Money overflows helps you to receive money faster than you need to pay out, so that you always have money in your wallet
        to meet your obligations before their due dates.

    iv. You know when your groceries are finished before your next pay day and you’re scraping for a few days to survive?

        Money overflows gives you the mindset and energetic support that allows you to energetically expand the value you receive
        from your groceries and other essentials- lasting you past your next pay day.

    v. You know when your gas tank is low and you think you can’t get to the gas station on time?

       Money overflows helps you to be grounded in the energy of it’s working so that you can confidently have enough whenever
       you need.

       Money is energy and money overflows helps you to work not just at the mindset level of “I am a money magnet” but at an
       energetic level which is the place rapid manifestation of your desires take place.


    After working with tons of clients in increasing their money inflow faster than their outflow, I’ve found the following
    situations to be red flags that indicate that your money MESS needs to urgently get in alignment for an overflow. This list
    is inexhaustive as these are just a few.  

     i. Money isn’t overflowing when you’re juggling the essential items on your grocery list as you walk through the supermarket’s

    ii. Money isn’t overflowing when you don’t know where your salary went the day you got paid, because you’re caught in a
        relentless cycle of paying out money faster than you’re receiving it.

   iii. Money isn’t overflowing when you’re living paycheck after paycheck, waiting on a special bonus to take care of a birthday or
        holiday presents.

   iv. Money isn’t overflowing when it’s still not enough even after bagging a salary increase and emergency spending arises.

   v. Money isn’t overflowing when you’re fearful or feeling stressed in paying your bills because you can only see the money
       depleting rather than the value you’re receiving for that spending.

     There are more subtle ways we think we’re stepping into our unlimited abundance, but money isn’t overflowing and it is
     not showing up on time in this time, space, reality. Money is energy. We hear it all the time. But we don’t quite understand it.
     Because if the little that we receive isn’t working, the more that we receive will not work. The energy is not working in our
     favour from the inception. And we’re already not getting value for our money from the inception. So how will more money
     benefit us if we don’t have the skillset to multiply our income from the inception?


    This is exactly why money overflows is here for you! To never ever be in such a situation ever again for the rest of your blissful

  If you see no way of investing in yourself at this time, ask yourself, “How can I get started? What can I do to get started? Who can I ask for help to get started?”

     Choosing to free yourself from the repeated patterns of not having enough and, living paycheck after paycheck is a lifetime gift you get to give yourself in money overflows.

     Need a payment plan? You got it! Ask Kamla at [email protected] about the options available to you. 


    In serving money overflows to tons of clients on and offline combined, I’ve never had a situation where a client requested a
    refund (full transparency). Clients have come into the program and not gotten results because they did not take action, but
    they’ve never requested a refund because of the value delivered to them.

    Still, and although the e-book is downloadable and forever to keep as soon as you sign up, I offer 14 days, no questions
    asked, money back guarantee- after bank charges and exchange rates have been accounted for. 


    Money overflows was designed to cater for those who have busy lives. The actionable steps in this program were broken down
    into bite sizes to integrate seamlessly into your busy schedule. But, you’ll receive the full benefits of this program if you dedicate
    time to taking action consistently. 

    The steps here not only help you to work on your money mindset and energy, but also provide a better quality of
    life for you and your family by cultivating the inner and outer environment around you. 


Money Overflows is for you if you want to:

  • Develop a magnetic money MESS 
  • Benefit from energetic support as you hold the frequency for an overflow at your job and/ or business
  • Increase your sales and monthly income
  • Manifest capital investments
  • Get better value for your spendings
  • Always have money in your wallet
  • Have fun with your money & allow money to work better for you and your family
  • Pass on the MESS alignment to your kids and their kids to ensure the multiplication of generational wealth
  • Always know what to do to be in alignment anytime a tough financial decision has to be made
  • Develop your money mastery skills consistently to attract more and better results
Even if you don’t have a job and your home is being supported by a single income, you get to apply the strategies in money overflows and watch money multiply easily. 

There are lots of free content online that can help you to improve your money story. But there is no immediate attunement to the energy of a positive inflow, nor can you hold the frequency of a consistent overflow with free resources.
So being at the mercy of time as you build momentum in self-attunement, can you really afford the time, money and energy investment to learn by trial and error, when you can avoid the potential pitfalls and get money flowing in your favour in money overflows?
Plus, if doing it by yourself was working well for you, do you have the financial results you desire in your job, life and/or business today?


Now if you haven’t as yet, what are you waiting for?

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Multiply your income without burnout!

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By transforming your money mindset and acquiring the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions, you can create a life filled with abundance and prosperity.


You are meant to do, be and have more for the time and energy you invest daily at your job and/or business!

Let’s ignite your wealth potential together!

See you in Money Overflows!

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