Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

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Experience a deep dive into your emotional intelligence and ways in which you can enhance yours in this 90 minutes Masterclass on September 25, 2021 at 1.00 PM Eastern.
This investment in yourself is guaranteed to offer you a practical guide to managing your emotions better and you will:
1. understand who is an emotionally intelligent person.
2. recognise and assess your current barriers to practicing effective emotional intelligence at home and work.
3. learn effective self-management techniques to better practice emotional intelligence at home and work.


“Please don’t call me. Please don’t call me. Please don’t call me.”
I repeated every time I was about to be in the spotlight, only to hear, “Kamladevi” shortly after.
Every, single, time!
Sweaty palms, shortened breaths, weakened knees, dizzy, and wuzzy. I could hear my quickened heart beat pounding in my ears every time.
This was my rhythm whilst growing up.
I was a nervous wreck.
The older I got, the worst it got.
My stomach took the first attack.
It was a norm every time I had to go live on facebook or talk about what I do.
It was really bad!
Then I began to meditate and that brought some balance to the situation but the nervousness was still there- in a different way, affecting different aspects of my life, my online life.
The fear was still there.
Anxiousness was a habit.
Until one day I decided to use the tools I use with my clients.
I applied my 4 step approach to aligning with my dream career to get my feelings under my control!
That was a huge game changer for me.
I got more emotionally intelligent and now I can stand out anywhere, including the front cover of a magazine.
Now I’d like to share with you how I did it too!
Stop being a victim to your emotions- whether it’s anger, fear, sadness or disgust. Lead them with the intention to recreate them!
If there is a particular emotion you feel more of every day and you don’t want to, but you don’t know how to manage it, we will build your EQ muscle to help you step into that awareness and control over yourself, any and every time you feel challenged by your emotions.
“When you are emotionally intelligent, you create the life you truly desire to live.”


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