The Power Of A Positive Momentum & Complete Trust In The Universe & Your Guides

featured_imageIt is easy to second guess if the universe is responding to our needs or if we are worthy of having our desires fulfilled. Day in and day out we may face disappointments and things might just not go our way. Frustration may escalate and pain may result.
But guess what? These incidents were actually created by ourselves and just as they manifested, we can manifest the solution. It only takes a little trust, patience and change in feelings.

Let me tell you. I look at my life with immense gratitude today. Yesterday I observed the grackles. I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be nice if I can see one of those feathers up close. I wonder what colour is it. I’m sure it isn’t black.”

This morning, I found a feather by my car wheel. It was from a grackle! It really isn’t pure black. There is a sheen of green on it- just as it looks in the sun. It’s gorgeous. I remembered the heart chakra right away. Growth and abundance. I feel lucky receiving this. The universe is responding and I am open to receiving These small things make such a huge difference! It was a successful manifestation for me. Now, all I need to do is stay in that energy for more great things to come!

To add to that, I looked at my bank account and noticed that my debts have reduced significantly. I scanned my life and saw that I was able to have two safe pregnancies, invest in my personal development by becoming a Reiki master and teacher, and a certified professional life coach, almost complete my home and successfully start a new business- all within two years of not having a full time job.

A previous version of me would not have noticed these improvements. I would have been stuck on how to get more money- deliberately sweeping the trickles that were coming in under the carpet, ignoring its value and being hungry for more. Boy was that a frustrating way to live!

I was so lost but I’m grateful that’s no longer my story. I see the love of this universe working in my life in so many ways. I am so proud of who I am today. I love who I am and I am excited to witness my next manifestation. The universe is really good to me and I am grateful- especially for trusting, taking risks, investing in my personal growth and development and letting go of scarcity consciousness. I do not know how things unfolded the way that they did in these two years but it surely feels like magic and I own it.

Now, if I don’t have money right away for something that I want, I say “That’s ok. I want it and the universe will make a way for it to happen should it be for my greater good. I am taken care of. It has always been the case, it is the case now and it will always be the case.”

I trust now more than ever and it can only get better from here. It’s really a rewarding feeling to manifest with ease

I am having a moment of gratitude and satisfaction. Do you guys have similar experiences? Comment below.