Lessons Are Revealed In Unexpected Ways

I forgot to have lunch today.

When I realized, I thought, “My forgetfulness might be getting worse since my last pregnancy. How can I forget to eat?”

I got busy and forgot about that thought.

Then I remembered it again when putting the kids to sleep. The question came up, “How can I forget to eat?”.

Then I thought, “O! I had a heavy breakfast. I usually don’t eat roti for breakfast so I didn’t feel hungry at lunch.”

I shook it off. The kids slept and I went to bathe. 

In the bath, the question came up again, “How can I forget to eat?”

This time, recognizing that I have some of my most enlightening moments in the shower, I thought, “Well I’m out of reasons so I probably need to sit with this.”

So, I sat under the shower to figure it out. I thought, “I left the corporate world 4 years ago. This is something I had grown accustomed to back then. How can I be at home and still forget to eat?”

Then I realized, “There is something here that is showing up that needs to be healed.”

What does it come down to?


Why now?

I struggled tremendously in having balance in the corporate world and when I tried to re-work that momentum back then, the emotional responses from those I was dealing with was not pleasant. Generally, I immerse myself in whatever I do and, I lose balance often. I move in extremes and live by the depths of my emotions. My emotional responses can be so intense, it’s unbelievable. A moon reading I did a few weeks ago had said this to me and I found it to be so true. 

Then this morning, weeks after finishing yoga with my trainer, I decided to do some poses. Pressed with time, I decided to do the tree pose only. What’s that about? Being rooted/ grounded and balanced.

Balance seems to be coming up a lot. It is the focus of the 90 days momentum training now on offer.

So I conclude that as much as we think we are clear and have direction, things come up unexpectedly to keep teaching us. I didn’t realize I was healing my imbalance tendency from the working environment until today, when I decided to physically balance through yoga, get unconsciously imbalanced energetically and then later, bothered by my thoughts to learn about it.

The lesson? When we are ready and aware enough to heal something that needs healing, we go through the discomfort of it once more, to consciously walk through the healing needed for it.

The road to self-discovery never ceases to amaze me. There is always more to grow from, no matter how much we think we have grown past it.

After realizing this, my thoughts then went to yoga. I have 4 poses I am fond of- tree, bridge, lotus and shoulder stand. 

“Why?”, I thought.

Bridge because I am the bridge between people’s conscious and subconscious minds- the bridge between their inner and outer worlds.

Lotus because that’s the meaning of my name and I live by its feature…tall above the muddy waters (mastering the ebb and flow of emotions).

Shoulder stand because I have full control over the weight I allow on my shoulders. I shake weights off easily.

Was I always aware I gravitate towards these poses more than the others, and why? Not until I went through today’s experience and remembered I wanted to do only the tree pose.

Bottom line? Allow yourself to be amazed by everything you consciously and unconsciously do…self-discovery is never ending 🙂

Tell me below, how are you striking balance in your life today? Need help?