Step Into Expansion

expansionOften we step away from things that we are not comfortable with and, set up barriers to what we want and what we don’t. Barriers are good and they protect our personal space. However, those implemented based on fears actually limit us in growing and expanding our consciousness- limiting our abundance and creating a narrower space for all that is good to flow towards us.
Here is an example. Six years ago I was in a car accident. I was listening to music a bit loud and enjoying the vibe. I was crossing a major road when a motorcycle slammed into the passenger’s car seat. The windscreen shattered to pieces, the door smashed in, lots of broken glasses appeared on the scene.
Luckily, no one was injured but my bank account took a blow. The damages were over US $2,000. Since that incident, I stopped listening to anything whilst driving. I always preferred silence and it always felt like a ‘burdensome task’ to drive to go anywhere.
I was fully aware that I became this way since the accident. I created a lot of resistance and lack of confidence in driving. Little did I realise that I was dis-empowering myself with this one incident. My confidence in many other areas of my life became shaken and frustration was my automatic response to many challenging situations.
Last Sunday, I was challenged to drive a long way on several major roads. My horn tripped that day. It was so loud that I panicked. I crossed over a major bridge and had to pull over to get a grip of myself. I did not know what to do. I turned the car off. The horn would not stop. Everyone was looking. I thought to myself that I was going to get pulled in by the cops!
Spirit guided me to press the horn and whew! It stopped. I started back the car and proceeded to my destination. Thereafter, the horn kept coming on frequently and I kept pressing it to stop. I began to laugh in the process for some crazy reason, but I was definitely a hazard on the road. A pastor was crossing the road at one point and the horn came on. I’m sure he felt I blew at him- I hope he did not curse me but I couldn’t help laughing at what was happening and the time in which it was happening.
Nevertheless, I got home safely and got the horn looked after. However, I ended up with a terrible headache for five days! There was intense ringing in my ears. In absolute silence at nights I observed lots of vibrational noise. I drank pain relievers in between but I did not get any relief. I drank another pair of tablets before going on the road a few minutes ago.
I decided to listen to some music on the way today- the first in six years behind the wheels! I enjoyed listening to that music. I turned the volume up and shaked my body. It actually felt good doing that. I remembered the accident along the way. It was the same car I was driving. I remembered how I repeatedly found shattered pieces of glasses inside the car years after that incident.
At the point of driving today, I didn’t feel fearful or intimidated by anything. I felt free. Light and aligned.
I consoled myself in these years that I didn’t like driving on major roads or listening to music- it was a deliberate choice. But I was in denial. I was fearful. I always backed away and felt intimidated by the space. I just realised this and I now own it.
And guess what? I don’t have a headache anymore!
You see, my focus is on expansion and abundance these days. To keep expanding in abundant space and live in that energy, I needed to let go of my fears and be as light as a feather. I needed to trust that the universe is taking care of me and I am safe in that abundant space! In whatever area of my life, I needed to let go of the fear. Along the way today, I found two birds’ feathers on my path and I didn’t understand why until now.
I am amazed at how this played out. I now know that I am not fearful and suppressing myself anymore. Getting over the accident was a major step forward in letting go of the resistance and contrast. Getting back on a major road is a huge sign of expansion for me. It is a manifestation in my waking world of my inner world.
Why? Today, I jumped into a car, enjoyed some good music and faced the abundant space and objects on my path. In my inner world, my consciousness is expanding. I am using my body to aid with this. I am as light as I can be and enjoying good vibes in this process. I am open to receiving and allowing greater things to flow towards me. I am not intimidated by anyone or anything. I am simply enjoying.
Do you guys have any fears that are suppressing your expansion? In any area of your life? Comment below.