?‍♂️Take action. It’s worth it!

? Having a strong business background, I believe that every investment we make should work for itself. 

?‍♀️ To a large extent, I consciously applied this knowledge in making financial decisions for investments other than my skills development. With my intuitive mind, I was and, continue to be darn successful in that regard.

? But to be honest, I really sucked in making investments in myself in the past. I always felt that money was ‘never’ there for that. I had more important things to do like build a home. 

Ever built a ? from ground up with a loan from the bank? You may know the frustration that can surface…especially in being a young working professional- delays in disbursements, workers not showing up as promised, scarce materials go missing, costs constantly increasing, missing deals, quality compromises, lengthy paperwork and red-tape, just to name a few ?

In all of that, I knew from a deep place within that I needed to do better in managing myself. The experience was breaking me down and I didn’t want to remarry Mr. Migraine. We had a good divorce going since I started to meditate ?

? So I asked God for guidance one night. I dreamt of the lottery billboard. I decided to play the lottery. It was definitely the easiest way to get a lot of money at that time, to get things rolling with ease. It made sense to play. What a conscious being I was in one big illusion.

? I didn’t win the lottery (not yet at least) but an incredible woman who was loaded with wisdom showed up. Her intuitive abilities were profound. I told her about the lottery dream. She told me its mindset.

“What on earth did that mean? How does mindset fit into winning the lottery?” I wondered!

Anyways I worked with her based on how I was aligned with the cost of her trainings. The lottery was still my end goal but I suddenly kept making investments in myself in all directions. Going into debt whenever I had to ?

I joined her group and learnt a whole heap from her ?. I had unanswered questions from when I started to meditate. I used the opportunity to get clarity and guidance. 

? For example, from a long time, my palms would heat up when meditating. She said it could be reiki. For fun, I said I was going to learn reiki. So, it happens that I was scrolling facebook one day and saw a course on massive discount. I went into debt to start the course. Reiki helped me to clear that debt. Reiki taught me that I can write my goals on a paper, apply reiki and they will manifest. So guess what was my #1 goal?

Yup…the lottery?? Did I win? Nope (not yet at least).

Nevertheless, I continued living ?. In the financial dilemma, I had received a tarot reading about my financial situation from a reader. An offer came up to learn tarot some time after and I did. Being scarcity conscious at that time, I wanted to know the best deck to invest in, for obviously the most impactful readings. I bought two decks, one in honor of my grand father since that deck was used to help me connect with him on the day he was passing, and the other based on recommendations from other light workers. Tarot then helped me to clear that debt.

As time went by, I desired to take my services to a new level. I wanted more ease because the part-time proofreading that I was doing, started to take a toll on my brain with my two toddlers. I wanted a certificate for doing life coaching. I didn’t go into debt for that course but I went ahead and did it spontaneously. I didn’t plan for it and I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I just kept going with my gut and, started the business with my sister soon after.

? In the meanwhile, my mindset was improving, finance was flowing, things were getting done with the home. I was feeling lighter and more at ease.

Pregnant with my last son, I learnt about feng shui. A long time ago I had said that my environment was not facilitating my growth so I paused my growth. Who does that? Sigh! ?

When I learnt about feng shui, I was amazed at how much that hit home for me. That course was way over my accessibility in funds. So I started small and it gained momentum.

? I began to see how everything was connected. It was making me more conscious of my environment and, its relatedness to my internal world. Did i still win the lottery? NOPE (not yet at least).


? Did I move in my home comfortably? YES!

? Do I now have a successful coaching and healing business with my sister? OH YEAH!

? Do I now have more ease, flow, joy, love and abundance in my life? DEFINITELY!

? Have I become a better self-manager with clarity and direction to steer those I connect with? YES! YES! YES!

? You see, I did many things because I was in a financial jam. God/ my guides/ my higher self gave me a vision to win the lottery to complete my home ??. I didn’t (not yet at least- let’s keep that source of funds open always). But the reality is, I won the lottery in different ways. The detours brought a new beginning. I just needed to be resilient and follow the guidance given.

That’s why I love what I do. I’m intuitive and I have clear guidance.

But a point to note, in this experience, having a MBA didn’t mean much to me. My thinking was so fogged and I felt so pressured financially that I became desperate for answers. At that time, I was pregnant, not working and financially dependent on my husband. That was a movie in itself! But I learned what I needed to. I decoded my mindset and improved it. That’s what matters to me today and it amazes me what my teachings do for my clients too!

Now, now I realise what my teacher meant when she said ‘it’s mindset’. Everything is mindset actually!

The clarity I have about my journey can be yours as well.

Start small and allow it to gain momentum. Take action and join me at https://revive.coach to get clear, get aligned and get results in your life! Get on board the momentum training today!