Social Integration Of An Evolving Mindset

Taking responsibility for one’s growth is a crucial step to living an abundant life. Being open to learning and viewing every challenge as an opportunity to be a better version of one’s self, is another. However, one of things often overlooked in this process is the impact of an evolving mindset on one’s family and friends.

With internal changes, external conflicts arise. The reason being, the external environment no longer matches the knowledge and awareness the individual now has as he/she fosters his/her growth. His/ her thoughts, words and actions change and so, those who are accustomed to the old thoughts, words and actions, may not understand these changes, resulting in judgment/ criticism/ demoralization of individual/ the newness in them.

If you are faced with such challenges, it is ok. Recognize them as an opportunity to ground in the newness of who you are and be brave enough to express your newness to those around you- not with the hope/ desire/ intention to change those you are dealing with, but with the right to have the space and opportunity to continue to grow and, the respect as you do. You can simply say ‘I am going through some changes right now and I am beginning to think and understand things differently’.

When you ‘voice’ what is happening and the steps you are taking to be a better version of yourself, you empower yourself and allow an easier evolution. It takes more energy and an uncomfortable/ fearful feeling at first, but it is worth it. It helps to clear the fog in communication as you elevate and minimizes misunderstandings with those you are dealing with every day. It also helps you to attract their positive energy and thoughts to foster a forward and positive momentum towards your goals- because sometimes we want things and we don’t get them because our fear of ‘being different’ or ‘progressing faster than someone close to us’, holds us back. A simple example is writing a book. Many persons want to write a book. They want to express their thoughts and experiences/ their realness to the world, but they hold themselves back because of what their family and friends think/ may think of them. Another example is working and traveling overseas. Many persons want to go out there and explore- discover a new culture and try new things, but they fear leaving their family behind or worry about the responsibility they are currently subjected to, that they miss opportunities and deny themselves- creating deep sadness.

For these reasons, I advocate that you must ‘get clear’ on what you want. You must know the beliefs you have around the things that you want and identify those that are holding you back. It’s the only way to progress and recognize why things are not happening the way you desire and as soon as you desire. If not, you continue to go through the motions and you ‘lose faith/hope’ overtime- wanting, working hard to get it and not seeing the results of it.

Get clear. Get aligned. Get results