Space Is Important- Mental & Physical Space!

Lots of times we fear letting go of things- especially that side job that grinds our nerves. We hold on to it because ‘we need the money’ and we see no other means of getting money right now.

But, how much of that money have we been able to save and how well is it helping us to manage our life today?

Most likely, none! We’re not able to save ‘as yet’ (if that’s the hope) and we’re struggling to make ends meet daily but we’re not letting go of the job because nothing else has come up ‘as yet’. True?

What we don’t realize is that our attachment is a reflection of the lack of trust and knowledge in our worthiness and the fear that things won’t work out if we let go of what’s making us unhappy- it doesn’t have to be a job, it could be a relationship! The thing is, this attachment is holding us back. It is taking up space in our energy field so nothing bigger and better can come our way. Here is how!

When we are hustling to make ends meet daily, our minds are in busy mode. Our daily life is a rush for survival and we’re most likely exhausted by the end of the day. We eat, sleep, and repeat the next day. We focus on the bitter relationships and daunting tasks. There is no space in our minds to focus on anything besides what we are currently engaged in. So, there is no space for inspiration or creative ideas to flow. There is no mental space for us to notice or become aware of financial opportunities and think of ways to pursue them. There is no space for us to focus on something we really love and bring balance to our ‘busyness’. Absolutely none! We have created none. So, space is important. Whether it be physical space or mental space- free time in our schedule, it is important. It gives the mind the ability to notice opportunities worth pursuing and act on ideas downloaded from our higher selves. It brings a sense of peace, calm and balance. So, don’t be afraid of letting go of what’s not working. Don’t be afraid of letting go of the job or relationship that’s bringing out the worst in you. Trust that something better is on its way and create the space for it to enter. You are worthy of an abundant life and worthy of being the most abundant version of yourself

 Get clear, get aligned and definitely, get results.