Nathan Manning

I was preparing for my eight job interview in three months. I was nervous. My friend suggested that I take the interview coaching at REVIVE. I thought it was a waste of time and money because I read a lot of articles online. But, he said he was going to pay half of it and I could not resist. I am so glad that I listened to him and he pushed me to do it.
Kamladevi highlighted some of the key issues in my responses to basic questions. I never thought I was giving my interviewers the impression that I did not have sufficient interpersonal skills to lead and manage a team. Because of the amount of work I needed to do, the session ended after 1 hour and 30 minutes and she did not ask me for a dollar more or highlight to me the extent she went. She is truly a humble individual and very willing to help. I admire her practical tips and the ease at which she communicates. She explains things well and I am happy I bought this service. Now, I have a full time 6 figure paying job!