Alejandra Damm

I have been working with Kamla and Soshinie since 2017. At first, I tried the numerology report, the readings, the reiki, the chakra work and the single coaching sessions. These were more budget friendly and gave me the clarity and direction I needed for the problems I was going through in my relationship and work. Soshinie’s readings and reiki sessions were always transformative. Kamla’s meditations and chakra work were soothing. Kamla’s guidance also helped my business generate income that exceeded my expenses by 55% in 2018. This was way more than I expected and in 2019, I experienced more than that along with other financial windfalls when I followed the other guidance given, like feng shui. I also did the momentum training on balancing your personal and professional lives with Kamla in 2018. This really helped me to become a better mom and manage my business successfully. My communication and relationship with my kids improved dramatically and my point of attraction works in my favour 99.9% of the times. In these years, my successes have been remarkable. Now, the cherry on top of the ice cream is the revive and thrive meditation series. The girls did a really good job with this. Things I thought I had closure for, were still buried deep within me and blocking my flow to be happy and abundant. I feel a lot lighter now and I wake up feeling more motivated to conquer life’s curveballs. This wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing care and value delivered by Kamla and Soshinie in these years at Revive. Thank you girls! Keep on delivering your promises.