Knowing Your Point Of Attraction By Reflecting On Your Environment

Reflect on the environment you came from. Get to understand your programming. 

It’s ok if you were a rebellious youth and you felt your parents never understood you. Did you pause to understand them or their vision at any point in time? Maybe they didn’t communicate it in the best way but that’s ok. Ignore those minor battles. 

What was it like growing up? What comforts did you have?

You see, your response to this question is super important in understanding your point of attraction in the here and now. The story you tell and that which you recall, means there is a hidden message for you to learn and grow. 

For example, my parents provided me with a ton of comforts when growing up. Absolutely nothing was scarce. I had financial independence, opportunities to travel and see places, along with a ton of time and personal space to grow into my authentic self. Of course, I still felt they weren’t listening to me from time to time and they forgot what it was like when they were growing up. But I understand what the universe was teaching me in that reaction.

You see, when you get accustomed to a level of vibration and way of living, anything that is not to that standard becomes uncomfortable for you and it can create momentum that regresses you in life. You spend your time and energy doing things that are not aligned with who you really are, rather than expanding your creative potential and being a better version of yourself. You struggle and feel the frustration of it if you’re not emotionally intelligent and grounded in your worth.

However, if you leave that environment of struggle and move into a more comfortable and upgraded environment, it fosters that momentum for more ease, joy, love and abundance- as long as you are emotionally intelligent and grounded in wisdom instead of obsessed over material comforts, judgmental and inhumane. There is a thin line between ego and spirit.

Nevertheless, know your worth. Know where you came from and aim for better. Observe your responses and know the instances where you might be calling struggle upon yourself by being rebellious. Rework that momentum. 

I can help you 🙂 Don’t ask the universe to start from scratch because from scratch means, no money, no financial security, and struggle through hard work! Be mindful of your words and when you think people don’t understand you, ask yourself, what am I not understanding from the universe? What is the universe teaching me through these people? 

Don’t play the victim mindset, take on the learning mindset. Otherwise, you might end up in a terrible situation and ask yourself, ‘how did I end up here? I had everything and now i have nothing.’

Be mindful be mindful be mindful. Don’t play the blame game. Get to the bottom of the situation by understanding it.