Seeking Help Allows You To Get Through Your Trials Faster And With More Ease

As much as I know all that I do and I am able to guide my clients in every detail to living a life full of clarity and alignment for results, there are some things on my personal journey that are just not revealed to me?‍♀️. And so, i keep saying ‘I wonder what’s next’ or ‘I wonder where this is taking me’ ?.

It’s definitely a different mindset altogether and in observing myself lately, I understand and appreciate my growth and journey so far ??.

So…last Friday, I was lightly scrolling in a motivational group and I saw a yoga teacher?‍♀️. I didn’t think anything really. I like yoga. I google the poses. I do what I can. I spontaneously messaged her to ask if her courses are online ?‍♀️. Because I was not deeply interested, I was vague and she needed clarification on what I meant. We had a complementary call and now, I have a personal trainer for yoga ?.

I couldn’t believe I jumped on that. I felt so excited after ?. I realise it’s not just about yoga, it’s understanding who I have become.

I understand my worth. Having a personal trainer and being able to afford her makes me feel sooooooo special ?.

And you know, it speaks of the quality of people I’m aligning with. I mean…who would think I’d have a yoga teacher who will create a routine that’s personalized for me? Only the ‘rich’ CEO’s can afford that kind of life and service. Right? 

I’m just a stay-at-home mom right now with 3 kids. What do I know about affording quality people for personal development? Well…guess what…I can because it is my right!

It’s been months since I invested in myself and this opportunity has shown me how much I am now into receiving for myself. It really doesn’t matter what role I am playing..

?I know i’m worthy.
?I know I like yoga and I always wanted to learn it properly as I sometimes feel disconnected from google.
?I know I don’t have the time and energy to do it on my own right now.
?I know if I get help I will get it done and done faster because it’s dedicated time and someone is keeping me accountable with their expertise.
?I know I can now make it happen if I believe it will benefit me…no matter the cost.
?I know I don’t have yoga on my vision board- maybe because I take it for granted that I do the poses via google. 

I know all of the above now, after signing up, but if you had asked me on Friday if I want a personal trainer for yoga, I would have said NO. Why? Because consciously, it’s already taken care of by google.?

Do you see where this is heading? I so don’t. Lol.☻

Anyways, so I look at this and apply it to the mindset of people who come to me and you know what? I get it. I totally get why people work with me. It’s the momentum to get it right, the acceleration in growth, the trust and expertise to work with someone who knows and can help you know as well and, knowing that it’s ok to get help because you don’t need to know and do it all on your own! ?

That really hit home for me because honestly, the majority of my life I have been the one to keep doing things to get them right and perfect them ON MY was a mountain to climb with a ton of slides!!!

Now? I don’t need to do that anymore. I give myself a break. I’m not going to kill my brain cells over it. I’m going to go to the professionals and experts without feeling guilty about it. I choose to feel good about this. I don’t have the time but I can get it done in the little time I have with an expert 😉 Isn’t that cool? So I don’t need to be the rich CEO afterall for that kind of special service!!!

I guess the question coming forth from this is, where are you in relation to the growth you want to experience and do you really want to slog on your own? It’s ok to get help. Trust me. It’s a huge weight off your chest! Do what you do best and let the experts do what they do best 😉

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