Is Valentine’s Losing Its Significance Year After Year?

Valentine’s Day, in honour of Saint Valentine and celebrated on February 14 every year, has gained popularity all over the world today. Some argue that they don’t need a special day to show their love because ‘we should love every day’. Others argue that the day has become so ‘commercialised’ and diluted that it’s losing its significance, while some still look forward to something special on this day.

Whatever you believe, that’s ok. Consider this.

One day has been identified all over the world to give love. On this day, people express their love for each other via different gestures. Some buy chocolates, some flowers, some lingerie, whatever. They act on the love they feel for themselves or someone else. What the people in the world are really doing on this day is ‘amplifying the energy of love’. They are magnifying it, and as spiritual beings enjoying a human experience, love is super important for our growth. Love for ourself, love for each other, love for the earth, the universe and all that exists. Love is the only language the spiritually conscious knows about. We get that love from our heart with a view from our mind’s eye and not our physical eyes.

Now, whether we admit it or not, the world’s population is growing largely unconscious per day. Many people are losing sight of the spiritually gifted being that they are and, they are feeling victimised in the uncomfortable circumstances they find themselves in. Murder, suicide, starvation, homelessness and other issues persists.

Valentines day is one of the perfect days to help people who are suffering all over the world, to have a better experience of living. Not only that, it shifts the focus from living a busy life to spending time, thinking and acting on love, therefore amplifying it, and giving that energy momentum. It gives relationships focus and it helps to improve the essence in them, whether it be the relationship with yourself, your loved ones or a complete stranger. The focus on love on this day really gives your existence more meaning and, tames the universal energy for higher levels of creation, because, we create faster and better from a place of love than a place of hate. 

So those who argue that we love everyday, yes we do, but we dedicate one day to nurture that love in a loving way, amplifying the energy all over the world on the same day.

Those who argue it’s commercialised, yes it is. Many people have lost meaning for the day and are caught up in the fancy  material things- which are still their way of expressing love so no judgement.

Those who argue it’s just another day and it’s no big deal. Yes it is a normal day but the big deal is that many people in the world are devoting their energy ‘to consciously love’ during that day- reigniting the flame and rekindling the passion, for themselves or others, away from the usual busyness of life.

As a collective consciousness, we have the power to move mountains and through love, we shall. Self care is important. Love yourself above all and, those around you will experience the value of your love. Stay focused my loving friends 🙂