Understanding The Perfectness Of Life Comes From Reflections

? Khush turns 5 months old today…

? 6 months ago my fears were:

? When is this child coming? I know he is coming early. Will he be a lion baby? Could that be what the dream of lions meant?

? Will we move in and be settled at home before this child is born? My vision was always to be walking in my home with a new born- not deliberately willed, but given to me by the universe.

?‍♀️ On that day of him coming, I was scared. I’m generally a brave sailor but I felt scared in that instance. 

?I didn’t feel ready. Everything was happening so fast. Deep down I thought it was too early. If only I could have waited 1 more week. I sat there clock watching and could only think ‘well now it’s me and my karma. It is what it is.’ Trying to prepare myself for whatever was to come. 

It was certainly a weakened mindset. Soshinie’s readings really helped but still…I felt uncertain..

? It was quite an experience…one i’m sure I never want to have again…

But overall.. it went well.. just as Soshinie predicted…I felt super relieved as if a weight was taken off my shoulders when I heard him cry…what a moment! I literally cried!

Why am I reminiscing? 

? Sometimes we may feel we are not ready for something but the universe knows that the time is ripe. The lack of readiness we feel is actually the peak of resistance and a test of trust in our higher perspective.

? Most times we are given guidance on what we need to know in the moment, the rest is to discover. Otherwise, the journey won’t feel worthwhile. 

? The more we trust our visions, deliberate or not, the more we tame the energy to our favour. Anything is possible.

? A lot of our fears manifest from the expectations of everyone else and what they know to be normal. When we trust that things are unfolding for our highest good, no one’s energy can interfere in the outcomes meant for us.

? We are constantly willing things into our experience- consciously or not, we are manifesting continuously…so be careful what you wish for 🙂

? Even a coach needs coaching sometimes. In up-leveling, we go through stuff that we sometimes can’t handle alone. It’s not a weakness. It’s self care. It’s understanding that something big is happening and we need to call in energy physically and spiritually to keep us elevated while we go through it. We are in a human body and we go through the emotions too ?

? At 30 years old, I think I’m doing pretty good at discovering myself and co-creating. On January 1 I’ll be 31 and when I reflect on my life, I think things really came together for me in mysterous ways. 

? I’m not complaining, just grateful. And now, I am more than thrilled to be sharing my expertise with those I coach. It’s truly fulfilling to witness people’s lives improve drastically as we work together.

? My life’s drama didn’t stop at that pregnancy either. My life is still full of challenges. My challenge now is remaining balanced to manage 2 active toddlers and a teething baby. It’s quite an experience!

Nonetheless, i’m loving it as much as I can. If I can do it, so can you ?

? And if you need help, I’d be delighted to share with you how you can bring your life together in unthinkable ways. 

Trust me… you’ll love this coaching experience with me!

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