I have to give kudos to Kams for her Money Overflows program. I believed, one-track mind, that it was about money blocks. It was more than that. For me, it wasn’t simply a mindset shift that was required. It was my beliefs about my lack of enoughness (so very many failures in this area) and the feelings associated with it. That meant drilling down to expose the root cause by peeling back layer after layer as she kept encouraging me to do. I have experienced so many miracles that pointed the way to the next step and, I was determined to quantify it financially which wasn’t possible. It’s so automatic to do that. When I couldn’t, insecurities surfaced. I can easily say it’s those miracles one after the other and the powerful dreams I get every night that paved the way to let go of my biggest stumbling block that I stubbornly held on to. I highly recommend this amazing woman, Kamladevi Sharma who through many personal trials, has done the work and is now showing us the steps to take to have money overflows. Thanks Kams.